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Employment Opportunities

  • Supply chain & Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Delivery Service
  • Courier Service
  • Back office / Call centers
  • Accounts/ Treasury/ Finance
  • Banking/ Insurance / Financial products
  • IT industry/ Software/ Data entry
  • Medical transcription/ Data analytics
  • Food & Beverage, Restaurants
  • Manufacturing / Assembling/ Packaging
  • Shopping Malls/ Department stores
  • Support staff in office
  • Painting/ Tailoring
  • Gardening/ Housekeeping
  • Salons/ Beauty treatment
  • Labour activities in safe environment
  • Hospitals/ Healthcare
  • Handicraft/ Rural /traditional arts
  • Hotels Hospitality

Appeal for job opportunities for Differently abled

  • Seek support of Corporates and Business owners for employing Differently Abled.
  • Progressive organizations encourage Diversity & Inclusion  based on merit and competency .
  • For organizations which have not yet employed differently abled people, Rotary will facilitate a session with experts/NGOs on abilities vs skills to identify jobs they can do.
  • Rotary can share the list of Skill mapping to Disability, which has been compiled by the NGOs,  which  identifies jobs that can be done by the various categories of disabilities.

Contributions and donations can be made directly to the NGOs, if need be, and Able to Ability can facilitate the same. All NGOs have their 80G registration to enable you to get the Income tax benefits.